our philosophy

WE SERVE LOCALLY PRODUCED, SEASONAL FRUITS & VEGETABLES. Local, seasonal fruits & vegetables are fresher, taste better, have minimal impact on the environment and support local farming communities. What's not to like about them?


WE STRIVE TO USE CERTIFIED ORGANIC PRODUCE WHERE IT MATTERS. We follow the principal of 'Dirty Dozen' commonly practiced in the US. The list indicates which fruits and vegetables have the highest concentration of pesticide residue, and encourages consumers to at least those specific ones organic. We have followed the same principal using reports created by the UK led Pesticide Residue in Food (PRIF) committee. That way, you can feel confident that we are making every effort to ensure you get only the best. 


WE EMBRACE HEALTHY FATS. Not all calories are created equal. Fats from nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut and raw cacao (to name a few) are immensly satisfying, beautifying and support brain and heart health. We love them - they feature across our food and drink menus, and we think you'll love them too.


WE SERVE PROTEIN RESPONSIBLY. We know that freedom of movement, sunlight and fresh air positively affect human health, so it's no surprise that they benefit livestock too. That's why we aim to source our poultry from free-range farms from across the UK.  

We apply the same ethic across our protein sources, which is why we make sure our fish suppliers are MSC certified; ensuring the fisheries are well-managed and sustainable. We're not quite on a first name basis with the animals, but we hope to get there one day soon.


WE FOCUS ON WHOLE GRAINS. Whole grains contain all the naturally occuring nutrients of the entire grain seed and are known to promote energy levels, healthy weight management and digestive health. We incorporate flavourful grains such as quinoa on our menus, which support optimal nutrition and are rich in protein.